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Sericulture in Jharkhand

Sericulture in Jharkhand

What is Sericulture ?

Silk is a fine strand of fibre that is a solidified secretion produced by certain caterpillars to encase themselves in the form of cocoons. The possibility of making cloth from the fibre that the silkworm spins into a cocoon was first discovered in China about 2600 B.C. Since then, silk worms have been bred for the sole purpose of producing raw silk. The rearing of silkworm and production of cocoons for the sole purpose of extraction of silk fibre for making cloth is called Sericulture.

The next set of slides will take you through a step by step display of production of Tassar Silk in Jharkhand using the Sericulture.

Tasar Silk

Tasar silk is a product of Antherea mylitta, which feeds on Terminalia tomentosa grown in the thick jungles of Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. Tasar silkworms are reared traditionally by the tribal people of these states. These 4 states mainly contribute to the production of tasar silk in the country.

The forests of Jharkhand are home for two species of trees - Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) & Asan (Terminalia Tomentosa), which are breeding ground for the moth which produces the cocoon from which Tasar yarn is reeled.

Silk Worm Rearing

Early stage worms are reared in specially maintained gardens within rearing fields. The Plants are regularly pruned Plants receive higher dose of manures. Leaves are rich in nutrients

The Silk Worm
The Silk Worm
The Silk Worm
Cocoon Formation
Rearing in Nylon Nets

Rearing of silk worm in the initial 15 days is carried out under nylon nets which offers complete protection against pest predators and protects the tiny worms from strong winds and direct hitting by rain drops. Saves labour in watch & ward.

Moth Emerging out of the Cocoon
The Moth in Action
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The Finished Product - Tassar Silk Cloth
The Finished Product - Tassar Silk Cloth